Thursday, August 20, 2009


Sweet songbird singing in the morning hour
Waking me up to tell me how
Another day passes along
I love that simple song that reminds me
I’m getting closer to you
And every time thoughts tumble down
My mind is unwound
So much to say
Maybe on another day
When these words will come out right
A lesson in love is the hardest thing
You and I will ever learn
Because our hearts are so shy
And I think of you everyday
And in the night I pray
That you’re safe from harm
We’re walking on a thin string
But I know the Lords got the whole thing in his hands
We’re strangers in this land
But together could make our way home
Make our way home
The fire passed me by
The earthquakes shaking the mountain
And I let em’ go
When love had left me dry
Your quiet voice broke through
To water my soul now
Oh sweet thing, she’s coming round my way
Oh sweet love, what else can I say

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mercy Comes with the Morning

As I kicked my feet over the edge, toes playing ripples on the water, I watched the sunset over the water that night, I felt a stirring in me, a letting go of fears, an excitement for what is to come. An urging to continue creating, persevering and demanding excellence in my life and ministry. The moment we begin to settle for anything shy of excellence is when we settle for mediocrity in our lives. I never want to settle for that. It's cheap. It's easy to stand out when you pursue excellence because so many people are okay with mediocrity in their lives. I don't want to be like everyone.

As a good friend (Paul) once said, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men." Colossians 3:23

As I looked out over the water that night, I was reminded of my father’s drive and determination for me his daughter. The love in his eyes that I was to selfish to see then, so often I wish my eyes would have been open to what I knew was there. Although the memories, the sound and tone of his voice have faded I can still hear his words so clearly. “Put your heart into everything you do, all you can give is your best. I’m here with you always, I love you.”
Please take some time and check out this song by Brooke Fraser, it has spoke tremendously to my soul this week. (there is music playing at the bottom of this blog that you will need to pause to avoid interuption).

Friday, June 5, 2009


Such a tough life! But someone's got to live it.My nephew Elijah David kickin back after a long day.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fairy Tales

A Chinese poem written by Shu Ting

"You believed in your own story,
then climbed inside it...
a torquiose flower.
You gazed past ailing trees,past crumbling walls and rusty railings.
Your least gesture beckoned a constellation
of wild vetch, grasshoppers, and stars
to sweep you away into immaculate distances.

The heart may be tiny
but the world's enormous.

And the people in turn believe...
in pine trees after rain,
ten thousand tiny suns, a mulberry branch
bent over water like a fishing rod,
a cloud tangled in the tail of a kite.
Shaking off dust, in silver voices
ten thousand memories sing from your dream.

The world may be tiny
but the heart's enormous."

Painting and Poem given to me by Emily Grimsley

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Offense

Lately I have been reading writings by Soren Kierkegaard. I love the way he writes....he really makes me think, he challenges me to look inside myself and to really grasp how I view the world....myself...everything I know as truth and to truly understand it.
I'm curious to know what you think about this writing. I have my own opinions but I would love to hear what others think. Comment, let me know!

When Christianity came into the world, it did not need to call attention (even though it did so) to the fact that it was contrary to human nature and human understanding, for the world discovered that easily enough. But now that we are on intimate terms with Christianity, we must awaken the collision. The possibility of offense must again be preached to life. Only the possibility of offense (the antidote to the apologists’ sleeping potion) is able to waken those who have fallen asleep, is able to break the spell so that Christianity is itself again.

Woe to him, therefore, who preaches Christianity without the possibility of offense. Woe to the person who smoothly, flirtatiously, commendingly, convincingly preaches some soft, sweet something which is supposed to be Christianity! Woe to the person who makes miracles reasonable. Woe to the person who betrays and breaks the mystery of faith, distorts it into public wisdom, because he takes away the possibility of offense! Woe to the person who speaks of the mystery of the Atonement without detecting in it anything of the possibility of offense. Woe again to him who thinks God and Christianity are something for study and discussion. Woe to every unfaithful steward
who sits down and writes false proofs, winning friends for themselves and for Christianity by writing off the possibility of offense. Oh, the learning and acumen tragically wasted. Oh, the time wasted in this enormous work of making Christianity so reasonable, and in trying to make it so relevant!

Only when Christianity rises up again, powerful in the possibility
of offense, only then will it need no artful defenders. The more skillful, the more articulate, the more excellent the defense, however, the more Christianity is disfigured, abolished, exhausted like an emasculated man. Christianity ought not to be defended, at least not on the world’s terms. It is we who should see whether we can justify ourselves. It is we who must choose: either to be offended or to accept Christianity. Therefore, take away from Christianity the possibility of offense or take away from the forgiveness of sin the battle of an anguished conscience. Then lock the churches, the sooner the better, or turn them into places of amusement which stand open all day long!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Happiness is inward and not outward, and so it does not depend on what we have but on what we are.
-Henry Van Dyke-

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Such faith turns evenings skies into the glow of morning’s Eternal Day. She knew she was in God’s keeping and that the end of her earthly life would only release her from all earthly limitations to the limitless life beyond.

Think of stepping on shore and finding it Heaven!
Of taking hold of a hand and finding in God’s!
Of breathing a new air and finding it celestial air!
Of feeling invigorated and finding it immortality!
Of passing from storm and stress to a perfect calm!
Of walking and finding it Home!

Such is faith and in this is your comfort. Your heritage is a priceless one which all the uncertainties of life cannot possibly take from you.